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7 Day Programming and Leak Protection for Water Heaters

Bradford White Water Heaters recently introduced their new Bradford White ICON System™ Accessory Packages. The accessories include an Accessory Module, a Leak Detection Package, an Inlet Shut-Off Valve Package, and a Performance Package. Each work in conjunction with the company’s new ICON System™ intelligent control valve to give professional installers the ability to offer customers the most effective energy saving and performance upgrades available.

Many of the new Bradford White ICON System™ Accessory Package components are powered and controlled by the Accessory Module. The module incorporates a multi-color LED status indicator that monitors the accessory packages, an audible alarm that is activated if a leak is detected, as well as a mute button to silence the audible alarm if required. The LED display also offers diagnostic codes that signal leak detection, inlet shutoff valve status, and a gas valve fault.

The Protection Package helps limit water damage in the event of a piping or tank leak. It features an electronic sensor that attaches to the base of the water heater and, in the event of a leak, triggers the audible alarm integrated into the Accessory Module. For additional protection, the sensor will also send a signal to the Accessory Module which, in turn, interrupts main burner operation in the event of a prolonged leak. This ensures that the chance of heating a less than full or empty tank is prevented. The sensor can be mounted inside an existing drain pan if one is installed. If there is no drain pan, the Protection Package comes complete with a rubber dam which is installed around the base of the heater. The dam will hold enough water to activate the sensor and alarm in the event of a leak.

The Inlet Shut-Off Valve Package offers a higher level of leak protection. It automatically closes off the cold water inlet once a leak is detected and confirmed. The Inlet Shut-Off Valve Package mounts directly to the water heater or at any point up stream of the water heater, and features an integral wire harness for easy connection.

The first major component of the Performance Package is the fully programmable, digital control. The control offers full 7-day, 4 period/day (wake, leave, return, sleep) programmability control of the water heater, giving homeowners the ability to adjust the set point temperature of the water stored in the tank based on their usage patterns. This control can save the homeowner up to 36% on energy usage depending on the geographic region, hot water usage and number of people in the household. The control also allows water to be stored at its highest set point temperature during peak demand hours, greatly reducing the wait time for hot water at the fixtures. The programmable control also features a setback feature, a hot water capacity indicator, approximate temperature readout, diagnostic display codes for installation and troubleshooting, and a battery back-up.

The second major component of the Performance Package is the uniquely engineered integrated mixing device (IMD). The IMD allows water in the tank to be stored at a higher temperature while still providing a comfortable outlet temperature. By blending cold water into the hot water outlet, usable hot water can be increased by as much as 50% or more. Multiple time-saving features are also incorporated into the IMD including the following: a 1/4” NPT cold water port that can be used in place of a saddle valve when connecting an ice maker; an alternate 1/2” NPT hot water outlet that can be used for a dishwasher, washing machine or other high temperature application; and 1/2” NPT recirculation port that eliminates any confusion regarding where to make the connection when installing a recirculation line. The IMD reduces mixing valve installation time from the normal one hour to as little as 15 minutes. An adhesive Thermo-Strip is also included to approximate the mixed hot water outlet temperature, helping reduce the time required to set the outlet temperature by eliminating the need to run water at a faucet to check the temperature.

For more details about the new Bradford White Icon System™ Control Valve and Accessory Packages, visit www.famous-supply.com.

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