TracPipe Counterstrike AutoSnap FGP-SFST-750 Straight Fitting , 3/4 in Nominal , MNPT x TracPipe PS-II/CounterStrike End Style , Yellow Brass , Domestic

TRACPIPE FGP-SFST-750 AutoSnap 3/4"

Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing Fittings
MFG #: FGP-SFST-750 Product ID:3305799
Famous Supply
  • End Style: Autosnap
  • Fitting/Connector Type: Straight
  • Nominal Size: 3/4 in
The new patent pending AutoSnap® straight fittings are the only CSST fittings that do not require any disassembly or reassembly of the fitting to the TracPipe®CounterStrike® CSST.
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This greatly reduces installation difficulty and time as there are no small loose gasket o-rings, or retainer rings to contend with in a dark and/or cold work place environment
AutoSnap is CSA listed and features a metal to metal cup seal without any exposed stainless steel pipe behind the new fitting
Reduced torque value and reusability all make for an optimum installer friendly tting
Transition fitting between TracPipe® or CounterStrike® tubing and NPT thread
Fitting thread is male NPT
CSA international evaluation report - 125 psig max operating pressure, 3/8 in through 1-1/4 in
1-3/8 in Dia across flats
Must be installed in accordance with the TracPipe® design guide and installation instructions and all applicable codes
1 Year Limited
ANSI Z223.1
CAN/CSA B149.1
ICC PMG 1046/1058
UPC Listed
For indoor, outdoor and concealed locations