I need more help. Who can I contact?

If you have questions, we have a dedicated Website Support team ready to help. Please email [email protected] or Live Chat us and a knowledgeable associate will be able to assist you.

When is Live Chat available?

famous-supply.com Tour

Watch the video below for a tutorial of famous-supply.com.

How do I reset my password?
Select Forgot Password on the login screen and follow the steps to reset your password.

How do I know what my username is?
Select Forgot Username on the login screen and follow the steps to retrieve your username.

Do I have to add each employee to my company’s accounts?
If your employee does not have a website account, you will need to go to the User Administration page and follow the steps under the next question.

How do I create a user for my company’s account?
1. Click ‘Create New User’ in the upper right-hand corner.
2. Enter their Email Address, Username, First and Last Name.
3. Job Title and Cell Phone are optional fields and can be left blank.
4. Choose whether you want to Hide A/R Flag or Hide Pricing by checking the box.
5. Click the drop-down menu for Assign User Role: and choose a user level.
6. Choose a Ship To location for them and you're done!;

How do I deactivate users from my company’s account? 
1. Go to User Administration.
2. Select the username you want to deactivate
3. Deselect “Active”
4. Click “Save Changes”;

How do I create or change custom part numbers?
1. Sign In to your account
2. Search for a product
3. Select the Product Detail Page
4. On this page you will see the following:

5. Click the red icon next to Customer #
6. Add/Edit your Customer
7. Click Update
Once you’ve updated the number – your product will be searchable.
If you’re adding a Customer # to a product that doesn’t yet have one the steps are exactly the same, however the Customer # icon looks different. It will show a plus sign with the word Add next to it. (See image below)

How do I know where my order ships from?
Check the top left corner to make sure your fulfillment method is set to Ship To. Next, look at the inventory listed next to the product and you will see the location your products will come from.

How do I know where to pick up my orders from?
Check the top left corner to make sure your fulfillment method is set to Pick up at Branch. Next, look at the inventory listed next to the product and you will see the location you can pick your products up at.

Can I change my order once it's been placed?
If you need to make any changes to your order reach out to your local Famous Supply branch or your Famous Supply associate to see if changes can be made.

How do I cancel an order? 
1. Go to My Account 
2. Click “Order History” 
3. Select the order you want to cancel 
4. Click “Cancel Order” 
If you do not see Cancel Order the order is not able to be canceled. 

How do I start a return?
To request a return the account must have been invoiced and the product must be available on the website.
1. Go to My Account
2. Select the order you want to return
3. Click “Request Return”
4. Select the quantity you want to return, the reason why you are returning the products(s)
5. Click “Send Return Request”

Can I place an order outside business hours?
Yes, however orders placed after 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday, on weekends and holidays might not be eligible for next day delivery.  Contact your sales associate or local Famous Supply branch if you require special handling.  

When is Live Chat available?
Live Chat is available during business hours Monday – Friday, except on holidays.

Can I schedule a delivery date?
Products will be delivered based on their availability.

What is a Need by Date?
The Need by Date is just to let you know if we can get a product to you by a certain date. If you want to schedule when something should be delivered you can write a note in the Shipping Notes box on the same page as the Need by Date. You can also contact your local Famous Supply branch or reach out to your Famous Supply sales associate.

How do I request a quote?
1. Add the products you want to your shopping cart
2. Click “Checkout”
3. Click “Request a Quote”

How do I save a bid on the website?
On Famous-Supply.com we suggest using the Saved Orders feature to create internal bids for orders you are not ready to place or are using to create a quote for your customer.

I cannot see my A/R information. How do I find that?
A/R is your Account Receivables and Billing information. When accounts are created in the website A/R is automatically set to hidden. This is to protect your company information. You can change and this status with the instructions below.
1. Go to User Administration
2. Select the user you would like to have access to A/R information.
3. Unselect “Hide A/R Flag”
4. Click “Save Changes”
5. To view the A/R information on your account click your name in the header and you should see this information in the Account Snapshot.

Can I set shipping and pick up defaults?
1. Go to Personal Settings
2. Select "Use defaults"
3. Select the Bill To Address you would like as a default
4. Select Shipping Address you would like as a default
5. Select Pick Up Branch you would like as a default
6. Select Fulfillment Method
7. Click "Save Changes"

Still need help?
Email us at [email protected], reach out to your Famous Supply sales associate, or review our video tutorials

Machine Readable Files - This link leads to the machine-readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers.

Last updated: 11/2023