Tools for the AC Season

 June 3, 2024      Jeff Rosenblum

As with furnaces, AC units require some specialty tools to service them and/or install them correctly. These tools will not only make your installations more efficient, but it will also ensure a proper installation and prolong the life of the unit.

The first tool every tech should have is a vacuum pump. A vacuum pump is used to remove moisture in a refrigerant system. Removing the moisture is essential to a properly operating system, and having a good quality vacuum pump is a necessity. Regular testing and maintenance are recommended to ensure the vacuum pump continues to operate properly. If your vacuum pump isn’t up to the task, upgrading is highly recommended to save time.

The next tool we recommend having is a micron gauge. This works with the vacuum pump and gives you proof of how well the vacuum pump is working, as well as how dry the system is. The target micron level for an AC system is typically 500 microns. Without this tool, it’s impossible to accurately tell the level within a system. Having a dry system can prolong its life and reduce the chance of costly breakdowns.

Another essential tool is a digital gauge set. Mechanical gauges work just fine, but must be calibrated on a regular basis and are also prone to damage. Digital gauges make the job easier with a digital readout and many sets can provide superheat and subcooling numbers as well, ensuring a correct charge. There are also several systems that can send the info via Bluetooth to you phone for instant on the spot analysis.

These are just a few of the tools we recommend. As always, feel free to contact the Famous Supply HVAC tech department for assistance at 330-475-8230.