Famous Since 1933

We are a leading distributor of quality products in the markets we serve. We provide personalized, accurate and timely service to our valued customers at fair and competitive pricing. We are committed to the continued training and development of our Associates and customers so we may meet your challenges and changing needs. Famous’ greatest asset is our quality Associates dedicated to serving you, our valued customer!

Living The Famous Way

At Famous, our purpose is “To build meaningful relationships for life,” and we strive to fulfill that purpose every day.

Our five core values, Family, Trust, Communication, Teamwork, and Continuous Improvement, guide our actions and transcend generations. But what do these values look like in practice? Our 40 Fundamentals that follow provide the answer. They describe the daily behaviors that define our culture and bring our Core Values to life.

Famous Core Values Card

Fundamental of the Week:

11. Speak Straight.

Express yourself honestly in a way that moves the action forward. Be clear and direct, but thoughtful. Bring the water cooler to the meeting and have the courage to ask questions, share ideas, or raise issues that may cause conflict when it’s necessary for team success. Address issues directly with those who are involved or affected.

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Our Famous Legacy

A Sit Down with Jay Blaushild

Jay Blaushild opens up in an interview with Kevin Blaushild as he thinks back and reflects on his relationship with his father, the early years of Famous Supply, and his journey through life. Those that have met Jay, know he is one of a kind. Now, he’s answering the questions you’ve been curious about.

Famous Supply History

Famous Supply founder, Hyman Blaushild, came to the United States from Latvia in 1922 where he continued his profession as a sheet metal contractor in Cleveland, Ohio. As a contractor, Hyman understood the value and importance of partnering with a wholesaler. When he was not getting the service he needed, he formed direct supplier relationships and changed the focus of his business from contracting to wholesale distribution in 1933. Today, Famous is still wholesale only serving trade professionals.

Becoming Famous

Family businesses seldom reach their 4th generation of leadership. When they do, they are typically characterized by family dysfunction and a business model that benefits the ownership. For over 86 years Famous Enterprises has been fundamentally different than most family-run organizations. The Blaushild family has worked to build a purpose-driven business whose family culture extends to over 1,000 Associates, valued Customers and key Suppliers. Available on Amazon



Famous Gives Back

Our Famous Family is a passionate team of individuals who love to give back. Through philanthropic efforts local and afar, Famous Supply invests in changing the lives of children and families by making dreams come true.

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Generational Excellence
with Marc Blaushild

Marc Blaushild and Coach Cimoroni explore Marc's background, upbringing and family philosophy in business and life. Marc shares the humble beginnings of "Famous Supply" and takes us to the incredible company it is today. Marc dives deep on what makes this 4th generation company so special through the love for family, company, and the wonderful people that make "Famous Supply" one of the best places to work in all of NE Ohio. This is an episode for the ages!
- The C-Suite Forum Podcast, Peter Cimoroni

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Marc Blaushild The C-Suite Podcast