Hydrolevel VXT-24 Automatic Water Feeder , 24 VAC , 150 deg F , 150 psi , 1 gpm


Hydronic Feeders
MFG #: VXT-24 Product ID:121281
Famous Supply
  • Dimensions: 1/2 in C
  • Type: Automatic
  • Voltage Rating: 24 vac
  • Temperature Rating: 150 deg f
  • Pressure Rating: 150 psi
  • Flow Rate: 1 gpm
The new VXT is the first automatic steam boiler water feeder designed to monitor the amount of water added to a steam boiler. The addition of make-up water raises the oxygen level in a boiler and accumulates lime and other mineral deposits. Excessive boiler make-up water can cause cast iron boilers torust internally, severely shortening the boiler's life. Mineral deposits from too much make-up water can impede heat transfer causing cast iron boiler sections to overheat and crack. Unlike other water feeders, the VXT can protect the life of a boiler by exposing system leaks that call for excessive make-up water - giving you the information you need to diagnose and repair the system before it's toolate.
  • Features
  • Application
Universal compatibility
Programmable feed delay settings (30 sec to 10 Min)
Programmable feed amount settings (LWCO and 1 - 5 gal)
Manual feed button
Underfeed protection
Lock-out flood protection, electronic type
Upon a feed signal from low water cut off, VXT feeder delays to allow condensate to return to boiler
If make up water is required after the delay period the VXT will initiate a feed cycle
Digital feed counter tracks all water fed into the boiler including water added using the manual feed button
For steam boilers