Duro Dyne Duro-Tite 30204 Wire Rope , 1/8 in , 500 ft L , 250 lb , Steel


Duct Mounting Supplies
MFG #: 30204 Product ID:239826
Famous Supply
  • Material: Steel
  • Cable Size: 1/8 in
  • Load Capacity: 250 lb
  • Length: 500 ft
Aviation grade galvanized wire rope supplied by Duro Dyne is manufactured to exacting standards and statistically tested to verify stated breaking strengths. Duro Dyne WC2-CL6, WC3-CL12 and WC4-CL18 wire ropes utilize standard 7 x 7 construction. WC8-CL25 and WC6-CL23 wire ropes have 7 x 19 construction. Duro Dyne recommends only using wire rope supplied by Duro Dyne to ensure maximum safety and integrity of the installation.
  • Features
Dyna-Tite cable locks are sold 100 to a carton
Wire rope is supplied in spools
The maximum load range for each size incorporates a design safety factor of 5:1
The cable lock and wire rope combination should be sized for the job so that the projected load falls within the appropriate working load limit (WLL)
For use with CL18-WC4 cable lock
Galvanized steel