Arzel PAN-HPP04 HeatPumPro Zone Control Panel


Zoning Control Panels
MFG #: PAN-HPP04 Product ID:3133682
Famous Supply
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Number of Zones: 4
  • Series: HeatPumPro®
HeatPumPro® offers the latest in zoning control technology with its built in staging and software-based programming. The technology is the easiest and most cost-effective way of getting the maximum efficiency out of heat pump systems. The custom defaults are stored in memory so it is possible to commission this system with the touch of a button. While the HeatPumPro® was originally designed specifically for heat pump applications, the flexibility of the software has made it possible to use it with other heating and cooling systems, such as a heat pump with electric backup, conventional, and dual fuel. Even single stage equipment can be zoned, because the HeatPumPro only needs to be reprogrammed when the system is upgraded, not replaced. The HeatPumPro® is perfect for both new construction and retrofit applications, offering the most versatile, cost-effective zoning system in the industry.
  • Features
  • Application
Independent blower and compressor staging
Outdoor air temperature (OAT) sensor
Leaving air Temperature (LAT) sensor
Zone weight percentage
Replaceable fuse protection
Easy to use lever style terminals
Manual pump switch opens all dampers for testing
Universal compatibility: the HeatPumPro® works with any standard 24 volt system including split geothermal, heat pump, and conventional furnace and air conditioner
This makes the HeatPumPro® perfect for both new construction and retrofit applications
Custom programmability: the HeatPumPro® is run by software so it allows you to program the system according to a homeowner’s comfort needs
This makes it extremely versatile and gives the homeowner the opportunity to save money while increasing their comfort
Minimal bypass required: by controlling fan speed independently, little or no bypass is required with the HeatPumPro® panel, which improves the efficiency of the equipment and saving the homeowner on utility bills
Real-time reporting: the HeatPumPro® is equipped with a LCD screen allowing you access to real-time reporting of the system’s activities
This will save time and money on installation
Residential, Light Commercial, Single or Multi-Stage Equipment, Variable Speed, Furnace, Air Conditioner and Heat Pump, Dual Fuel