Caleffi MixCal 521519A 3-Way Adjustable Thermostatic and Pressure Balanced Mixing Valve , 3/4 in , C , 200 psi , 1 gpm , Brass Body


Mixing Valves
MFG #: 521519A Product ID:3149207
Famous Supply
  • Inlet to Outlet Length: 5 in
  • Media: Water/Glycol
  • Series: 521
  • Softgoods Material: EPDM Seal
  • Temperature Rating: 85 to 150 deg f
  • Top to Inlet Center: 2-9/16 in
  • Trim Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: 3-Way Adjustable
  • Nominal Size: 3/4 in
  • End Style: C
  • Pressure Rating: 200 psi
  • Flow Capacity: 1 gpm
  • Body Material: Brass
The Caleffi MixCalâ„¢ 521 series three-way thermostatic mixing valve is used in systems producing domestic hot water or in hydronic and radiant heating systems. It maintains the desired output temperature of the mixed water supplied at a constant set value compensating for both temperature and pressure fluctuations of the incoming hot and cold water. The valve has been specifically certified to ASSE 1017 and Low Lead Plumbing Law by IAPMO R&T.
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Large mixing chamber and thermostatic cartridge - Enables precise mixed temperature stability during inlet temperature and pressure variations
Anti-scale polymer materials - Inhibits scaling on internal sliding surfaces, assuring stable temperature control and long life
Tamper-proof adjustment setting lock - Prevents tampering of the mixed water temperature setpoint
Peroxide-cured seals - Stands up to treated water, chlorine or chloramines
Precisely manufactured - Finely machined threads and double o-rings for smooth knob adjustment
Internal anti-scale materials
Locking set point knob
ANSI/NSF 372-2011
ASSE 1017-2009
CSA B125.3-2012
FM 21654
ISO 9001
IPC/IRC/UPC and NPC Compliance
Low Lead Certified by ICC-ES File PMG-13
ANSI/NSF 372 - 2016 Drinking Water System Components - Lead Content
Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act
California Health and Safety Code 116875
S.3874 Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act
Probe and Temperature Gauge
Domestic Water Systems and Radiant Hydronic Heating Systems