Roof Top Blox 80600 Adjustable Pipe Support , Polypropylene Copolymer , Domestic


Pipe Supports
MFG #: 80600 Product ID:3177887
Famous Supply
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 8-7/8 in L x 8-7/8 in W x 4-1/2 in H
  • Mounting Type: Wall
  • Material: Polypropylene Copolymer
  • Domestic/Import: Domestic
Roof Top Blox® are the solution for piping and equipment support on any flat commercial roof surface. The Roof Top Blox system is designed for quick installation on a multitude of applications.
  • Features
  • Standards & Approvals
  • Application
Molded of UV resistant polypropylene
Heavy-duty load-bearing design
Notched saddle-top design for easy pipe alignment
Protective padded base
Reinforced screw starter guides
Wide stable design
Pipe saddle-top design to hold pipe in place until secured
Extension rod holes
Steel strut alignment trough
Patented nut slots to assist in securing extension rods
On-board pipe strap to quickly secure up to a 2 in pipe
Interlocking end-to-end tabs to connect multiple roof top blox
Base Material: 1 in thick by 25 psi, type 4 closed cell structural foam
Load Bearing: maximum load per Blox-Single point Load: 250 lb/113 kg
Space blox approximately every 7 ft along all piping
Pipe Fastening: screw indents guide fastening screws into special internal engineered thread gripping fastening
#10 sheet metal screws recommended
Blox supplied with 3/4 in galvanized universal quick clamping strap for up to 2 in pipe
Top surface easily adapts to all types of piping clamps, clips, slotted strut and 3/8 in or 1/2 in threaded rod and all pipe fastening and adjustments done from top side only
cUPC Listed
Blox engineered to install on flat roof surfaces for supporting gas, condensate or refrigeration lines, electrical conduits, ductwork or roof top walkways and mechanical equipment Rated for temperatures up to 200 deg F/93 deg C