Bradford White 415-53337-01 Kit Warranty Upgrade +4 A Models. BUILTBEST +4 Extended Limited Warranty Plans: Extends 6-year factory warranty to 10-year warranty on both tank and parts.


Water Heater Replacement Parts & Access.
MFG #: 415-53337-01 Product ID:3487327
Famous Supply
The BUILTBEST Extended Limited Warranty includes options for customers to upgrade their standard warranty protection for 2 or 4 additional years.* Everything you and your customers need are contained in a new single package. It’s easy to sell and easy to register. EASY ONLINE REGISTRATION: Customers can easily register their BUILTBEST Extended Limited Warranty online or you can register for your customer by going to It just takes a few minutes! Make sure to have the product’s serial number and the special warranty number located in the warranty kit for hassle-free registration. Limited warranty extensions can be purchased up to 6 months after water heater installation date and must be registered within 60 days of extension purchase. Limited warranty extensions are applicable for use on newly purchased products only. Warranty replacement products are not eligible for warranty extension.
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Extends 6-year factory warranty to 10-year warranty on both tank and parts.
A Models GAS : RG130T6, RG140T6, RG150T6, RG230S6, RG230T6, RG240S6, RG240T6, RG250L6, RG250S6, RG250T6, URG130T6, URG140T6, URG150T6, URG230T6, URG240S6, URG240T6, URG250L6, URG250S6, URG250T6
A Models ELECTRIC : RE12U6, RE16U6, RE110U6, RE112T6, RE112U6, RE120U6, RE115U6, RE16WV6, RE112WV6, RE120WV6, RE120L6, RE130L6, RE230L6, RE230LN6, RE240L6, RE240S6, RE250L6, RE240LN6, RE250LN6, RE250S6, RE330S6, RE340S6, RE340T6, RE350S6, RE350T6, RE380T6, RE3120T6, RE250T6
10 Year Extended Warranty Plan