Mission Band-Seal 0704 015 End Cap , 4 in , Cast Iron/Plastic/Steel , Rubber , Domestic


Flexible Transition Pipe Fittings
Brand: Mission
MFG #: 0704 015 Product ID:373690
Famous Supply
  • Fitting/Connector Type: Cap
  • Nominal Size: 4 in
  • End Style: Cast Iron/Plastic/Steel
  • Material: Rubber
  • Domestic/Import: Domestic
Mission Band-SealĀ® End Cap, Fitting/Connector Type: Cap, 4 in Nominal, Cast Iron/Plastic/Steel, Rubber, Domestic
  • Features
Flexible rubber end caps for capping cast iron, steel, PVC, and ABS pipe ends, Sizes 1-1/2 through 12 in
Strong x-brace -molded "x" braces end cap against head pressures encountered in testing, axially tapered design distributes and dissipates internal stresses
Tough and reusable: fast and easy to use over and over and withstands rough field handling, 300 series stainless steel clamp may be tightened or loosened in seconds with a screwdriver or wrench
Needs no plastic liner - so strong it doesn't need the usual reinforcing plastic disk or liner, so easy to put on and take off that it makes an ideal permanent clean-out, perfect protection against entry of dirt into pipe plus resists water and ozone
Tight-fitting internal cone: creates wedge against pipe inside, balancing outward strains against the restricting exterior steel band