Oatey 30372 Tinning Flux , 8 oz Capacity , Pail Container , 3 to 4 pH


Soldering Flux
MFG #: 30372 Product ID:541592
Famous Supply
  • Applicable Materials: Copper, Brass, Zinc, Galvanized Iron and Tin or Copper-Coated Metal
  • Color: Yellow
  • Composition: Petrolatum, Zinc Chloride, Water, Ammonium Chloride, Bismuth, Copper
  • Flash Point: 539.6 deg f
  • Form: Paste/Solid
  • Odor/Scent: Slight
  • Capacity: 8 oz
  • Container Type: Pail
  • pH Range: 3 to 4
Oatey No. 95 Lead Free Tinning Flux cleans, tins and fluxes most commonly soldered metals including copper, brass, zinc, galvanized iron, lead and tin or copper-coated metals. No. 95 contains lead free solder powder which helps draw in the solder wire. Fluxing is a critical step in the soldering process. No. 95 Tinning Flux provides superior wetting properties for better solder flow and can be used with most soft solders. No. 95 Tinning Flux complies with CA & VT lead content regulations.
  • Features
  • Standards & Approvals
Compatible with all common plumbing solder alloys
Will not turn copper piping green
Good for large diameter copper piping
100 percent lead free paste flux cleans and fluxes copper piping to provide uniform solder flow
Added tinning powder helps to pre-tin piping
Petroleum base provides cleaning effectiveness
Material is safe for use in potable water applications
ISO 9001
NSF 61