Cleanfit The Insurance Pad 71038 Heat Shield , 9 x 12 in


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MFG #: 71038 Product ID:583673
Famous Supply
  • Temperature Rating: 2500 deg f
  • Size: 9 x 12 in
The Insurance pad is the ultimate heat shield. Use wet or dry, where higher temperature protection and prolonged use is required. Great for use with acetylene air torches. The Insurance pad delivers protection in excess of 2500 deg F, an incredible improvement over ceramic and fiberglass heat shields on the market. The Insurance Pad® is a fibrous-felt heat shield with the safest specs in the industry. Insurance pad heat shield Repeated use actually increases its heat resistance. Fibers in this heat shield take on graphite qualities when exposed to flame, increasing its heat resistance. Attractive point-of-sale packaging builds sales, plus zip-lock bag (9 in x 12 in size only provides added protection when not in use.
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The safest, most dependable heat shield on the market, rated in excess of 2500 deg F
For propane, MAPP gas, acetylene/air and higher temperature torches