Thermaflex S-LP-4 Non-Insulated Flexible Air Connector , Fabric


Flexible Ducts
Brand: Thermaflex
MFG #: S-LP-4 Product ID:617562
Famous Supply
  • Suitable For Use With: All Pressure System, All Bathroom and Dryer Venting Application
  • Type: Non-Insulated
  • Length: 25 ft
  • Material: Fabric
  • Diameter: 4 in
Non-insulated air connector with extremely strong woven fiberglass fabric with flame retardant coating, permanently bonded to a corrosion resistant coated spring steel wire helix. For all pressure heating and cooling systems. A superior alternative in applications where insulated duct is not required, or cannot be used.
  • Features
  • Standards & Approvals
Coated fiberglass woven fabric, coated spring steel wire helix
4 in inside bend radius
Reduced total installed cost, fast, economical installation
Core material will not support mold and mildew growth
Long standard lengths help reduce waste-easily cut to exact lengths, or spliced, at the job
Easily shaped to fit oval inlets
Large diameter, heavy, spring steel wire helix assures dimensional stability, resists mechanical abuse and provides more efficient air delivery
All components of are self-extinguishing and will not support flame
Maintenance free under normal conditions-highly resistant to rust and corrosion
Strict quality control over all raw materials and completed ducts
Will not balloon at recommended operating pressure unique construction will not unravel when cut
"Outward Cast" of heavy spring steel wire keeps duct from shrinking up, resulting in better air flow and less waste
Will not collapse at recommended operating pressure
Assists absorbing system vibration transmitted through ductwork
Thermaflex® S-LP-10 non-insulated class 1 connector is designed for use in all pressure cooling and heating systems
It is used in either supply or return sections: for branch ducts and duct connections to or between mixing units, induction units, control or terminal units, and diffusion devices, including light troffers
Thermaflex S-LP-10 duct provides economical means for handling misalignment between system components and ducts around obstacles where fabricated and fitted ducts are difficult and costly to install
This duct is equally useful when making system extensions or changing conditioned zones now or in the future
Thermaflex S-LP-10 duct offers further economy of installed cost, for example, as a return duct within conditioned spaces or in any zone where the function of insulated duct is not required
5000 fpm velocity, 10 in WG (positive)/1 in WG (negative) pressure -20 to 250 deg F
Complies with NFPA Standards 90A and 90B and most local
state and federal standards or codes
GreeGuard Certified for for Superior Indoor Air Quality
UL Listed