Oatey 43539 Replacement Closet Flange , 4 in Pipe , Plastic/PVC


Closet Flanges
MFG #: 43539 Product ID:681521
Famous Supply
  • Color: White
  • Pipe Size: 4 in
  • Length: 0
  • Material: Plastic/PVC
Oatey Cast Iron Closet Flange Replacement is designed for use to replace broken or corroded cast iron closet flanges. Flange slides easily into 4 in cast iron piping with mechanical compression providing secure seal. Flange can be installed without tearing up the floor.
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PVC construction
Rubber compression gasket enables the flange to be used on many types of cast iron piping
3 stainless steel bolts are tightened to compress the rubber gasket to secure the flange to the existing piping
Easy to use
Compression joint provides up to 3 in of adjustment to the riser
Use as a replacement flange for broken flanges
ASTM D 2665
IAPMO File No 2896
cUPC Certified