Cleanfit 70460 Economy Chip and Applicator Brush , Wood Handle


Paint Brushes
MFG #: 70460 Product ID:723449
Famous Supply
  • Type: Economy
  • Handle Material: Wood
Mill-Rose poly chip brushes are an economical and disposable brush with natural, undyed bristles mounted in wooden handles set in epoxy. Chip brushes are ideal for use with resins, glues, acetone and other solvents. Use Mill-Rose chip brushes to clean parts, apply touch-up paint, paint trim, and many other boat, workshop, and household uses. This is an excellent machinist's chip and oil brush. Now available with Nylon bristles.
  • Features
Tinned ferrule
Plain unvarnished handle
3/8 in thickness
1-11/16 in trim length
2 in width