Hercules Sizzle 20305 Drain and Waste System Cleaner , 1 qt Bottle , Liquid , Yellow Light , Pungent


Drain Cleaners & Openers
MFG #: 20305 Product ID:723566
Famous Supply
  • Composition: Hydrochloric Acid, Water
  • Net Weight: 2.55 lb
  • pH Range: <1
  • Specific Gravity: 1.12
  • VOC Content: <1 g/L
  • Container Size: 1 qt
  • Container Type: Bottle
  • Odor/Scent: Pungent
  • Color: Yellow Light
  • Form: Liquid
A chemically-reactive product which effectively removes deposits of carbonates, sulfates, phosphates, oxides, urinary salts and other mineral deposits. Triple action formula of virgin hydrochloric acid blended with selected corrosion inhibitors and a strong foam suppressant, Sizzle dissolves inorganic deposits that restrict flow of water and waste. Removal of these deposits restores heat transfer efficiency to boilers, radiators, and water heaters. Sizzle can be safely used with iron, steel, copper, brass, bronze and lead fixtures to quickly dissolve scale and mineral build-up from water, waste, heating, processing and air conditioning systems. Clears plaster, grout and concrete obstructions from new and old construction. Sizzle’s SAF-T-POR Spout is provided free with each 1 gallon jug, permitting safe, easy, pinpoint application of Sizzle without hazardous splashing.
  • Features
  • Application
Triple action formula
Effective removal of urinary salts, lime, rust, scale, and more
For professional use only
Not for retail sale
Removes scale, salts, mineralized deposits, slime, and corrosion to clean heating, cooling, plumbing equipment and tools