Buy America(n) Letter Requests

   April 1, 2018      Bradford White


Bradford White Corporation (BWC) often receives requests to confirm compliance with Buy America(n) provisions.

There is no single “Buy America(n)” requirement –there are numerous statutes with differing requirements. Therefore, to help us respond to these inquires quickly, please provide the following information with your initial request:

After BWC  has all of this information, we will work with the necessary personnel to confirm whether the product meets the criteria or not.

Please be aware that once we have this information, it may still take some time to respond.

  • What specific Buy America(n) provision applies?
    • Provide the name of the specific law and a link to the requirements.
  • What BWC product(s) does this requirement apply to?
    • Provide model number(s) and quantity
  • Where will the product be installed?
    • Provide city, state, and job name
  • What government agency is funding the project?
    • Provide specific federal, state, and/or local agency