Choosing the Proper Mitsubishi Electric System

 Ferburary 1, 2016      Jeff Rosenblum


I have received several questions regarding which Mitsubishi system would be appropriate for their application. Since Mitsubishi systems can t in a wide range of applications, selecting the right one can sometimes be a daunting task. There are a few key things to consider when selecting the right system.

Where is this unit going to be used? If it is in a commercial system, we recommend using the P series system. This system gives you the ability to link up to 16 systems to a common control. The P series is also the unit to use for non-critical server rooms because of its low ambient cooling capability. If it is a residential home/sunroom/ addition, an M series may be the better choice.

What size system do you need? A load calculation must be done in order to decide which size is best.

Is this going to be a multi zone system? Look around and see if there are other areas that can be covered. Usually, a simple question to the homeowner of “are there any other areas of concern?” will point you in the right direction.

Unit location is a key thing to look at. Where is the indoor unit going to be mounted? Will you need a condensate pump? How long is the line set going to be? Where will the outdoor unit sit? We must nd out where everything will be located to avoid potential setbacks.

Do you have enough power for the system? A quick look at the main breaker panel will tell you.

These are just a few of the things to pay attention to when considering a Mitsubishi system. Once you have all the necessary questions answered, then you can have a better idea of what system will be best for your application. If you need assistance in selecting the right Mitsubishi system please feel free to call the Famous Supply tech department at 330-962-2491

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