Cold Weather is Coming!

  October 31, 2016      Jeff Rosenblum


Sorry to break it to you, but cold weather is coming. Before you start throwing tomatoes my way, this is only some advice to help you be prepared.

So what do you need to be prepared to brave the cold weather? I’m not talking about long johns and snow boots. I’m talking about tools! Unfortunately, we get so wrapped up in the heat that we often times forget to get our tools ready. Below is a partial list of tools you should have ready to take on the majority of problem calls.

  1. Combustion Analyzer (fresh batteries and professionally calibrated)
  2. Oil test kit (smoke test papers, etc.)
  3. Draft gauge
  4. Hygrometer (used to test humidity levels)
  5. Multimeter
Dual port manometer (to test static pressure and diagnose pressure switches)
  7. Typical hand tools

If you need any tools to help you get through this heating season, feel free to stop by your local Famous branch to see our selection. If you need any advice or tech support, please call our Famous Tech Support Team.

Jeff Rosenblum 
Technical Support
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