Condensate & Neutralization

  February 10, 2023      Bradford White

How does condensation occur in a water heater?
As a high-efficiency gas water heater or heating appliance fires the airborne water will drop below the dew point and the flue gases will begin to condense, the condensate that is produced is inherently acidic. The acidic nature of the condensate can corrode metallic piping such as a drain or sewer.

What is a condensate neutralizer?
A condensate neutralizer is designed to balance the pH(potential Hydrogen) of the condensate produced, thus neutralizing the acidity of it. This allows you to dispose of condensate without harming your plumbing system.

Is a condensate neutralizer required?
Check with your local authority having jurisdiction to make sure you are following all applicable local and or national codes.

Which condensate neutralizer do I need?
A condensate neutralizer will be sized according to your water heater. This is determined by either the BTU/Hr. of the water heater or how much condensate it is capable of producing in GPH(gallons per hour). Typically for every 1,000 BTU/Hr. the appliance can produce 0.01 GPH of condensate.