Drop in Refrigerants 

  July 1, 2014      Jeff Rosenblum


There has been a lot of commotion regarding ‘drop in’ refrigerants and I would like to clear some things up. Because of the rising price of R22, refrigerant manufacturers have been recommending an alternative or ‘drop in’ refrigerant. At this time, there is no true drop in refrigerant. Using an alternate refrigerant can reduce the system’s capacity. Famous’ HVAC manufacturers do not support ‘drop ins’ and using it will void the warranty. The only refrigerant that should be used on an R22 system is R22. Yes, R22’s price may go up but it is better to stay with what the manufacturer recommends than to try an alternative. If you need more info on ‘drop in’ refrigerants feel free to call the Famous’ HVAC Customer Support Team – (330) 475-8230.

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