Energy Conversion & Amp Draw

   March 5, 2023      Bradford White

Sometimes buildings or homes switch energy sources and want the same performance out of their water heaters regardless of the energy source.

Here are simple formulas to convert back and forth between gas and electric:

Gas to Electric: kW = (BTU/Hr.) / 3,412
Electric to Gas: (BTU/Hr.) = kW x 3,412

Have you ever been asked  “How many amps does a water heater use?”

Here is a simple formula to figure out the amp draw:

Single Phase: Watts/Volts = Amps
Three Phase: Watts/(Volts x 1.732) = Amps
Three Phase (unbalanced): Watts/Volts = Amps

Please use these formulas to help in determining proper recovery amongst different fuel sources and helping to determine amp draw.