Filter Driers and When to Replace Them

 August 1, 2014      Jeff Rosenblum


When an air conditioner or refrigeration unit is installed a Filter Drier is needed. That Filter Drier stays in the system as long as the AC is in service. If a repair is needed to the refrigeration side, replacement of the drier should be considered. Why would the Drier need replaced? Below are a few reasons: Does the sight glass indicate any moisture? Was the refrigeration system open to atmosphere? Was there any reason moisture could have entered the system? Was the compressor burnt out? Was there any excessive heat detected? Is the refrigerant oil acidic? Is there a chance any dirt or metal particles are in the system? If you answered yes to any of these questions then replacing the Drier should be on your “to do” list. If there is any acid in the system (proven with an acid test kit) then a Suction Line Drier is also recommended. Remember, when replacing the drier; do not heat it up to unbraze it. This can release what has been trapped in the Drier. Instead, cut it out and dispose of it. Following these easy steps will help increase the life of the system. As always, if you need any help, feel free to call the Famous Supply HVAC Tech Support Team.

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