Flood Damage and Water Heaters

   May 23, 2019      Bradford White


The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) recommends that if a water heater is exposed to flood water, the unit should be replaced, not repaired.

Why Replace the Unit?

  • Safety devices can become compromised
  • In a gas unit, valves and controls will likely corrode; in an electrical unit, the thermostat and controls will likely corrode
  • Insulation surrounding the unit will be contaminated and will be nearly impossible to disinfect; insulation will take a long time to dry completely and may lead to corrosion of the tank from the outside
  • Prior to connecting the gas supply line to a gas fired water heater, ensure that the gas supply line does not have moisture/water or dirt/scale inside the gas line

Water Heater Stands

Water heater stands are a solution to keeping your water heater above potential flood waters. It will elevate the entire water heater in the event that the area does experience flooding.