Friedrich Warranties

   July 1, 2018      Jennica Messmore


In preparation for summer, we would like to give you some warranty tips on Friedrich SG-Series Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (also known as PTAC).

PTAC have a limited 2-year warranty from the date of installation. Reasonable proof must be presented to establish the date of install (Famous or contractor invoice), otherwise the beginning date of warranty will be considered to be Friedrich’s shipment date plus 60 days. Any part found to be defective will be credited once Famous’ CWT has submitted the claim and received approval from Friedrich.

The limited warranty on the sealed Refrigeration system, which consists of the compressor, metering device, evaporator, condenser, reversing valve, check valve, and interconnecting tubing is extended to 3-5 years from the date of install. It will also be credited (excluding freight charges) once Famous’ CWT has submitted the claim and received approval.

It is the official policy of Friedrich that a contractor MUST receive pre-approval from Friedrich BEFORE replacing a unit under warranty. Contractors MUST call Friedrich TAC at 877-599-5665 for basic troubleshooting. If the unit is to be replaced, Friedrich will give the contractor an authorization code. Model and serial numbers of the unit must be readily available at the time of the call. Please have the authorization number available when submitting the unit claim to Famous’CWT. Failure to follow this policy may result in loss of 50% unit credit.

Although the above outline is for PTACs, all product families from Friedrich follow the same guidelines for trouble shooting and replacement under warranty.

If you require technical advice, please contact the manufacturer directly or call Famous’ Tech Support Team:

Mark Ham 330-704-7040
Jeff Rosenblum 330-962-2491