1. Do The Right Thing, Always.


Demonstrate an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing in every action you take and in every decision you make, especially when no one’s looking. Always tell the truth. If you make a mistake, own up to it, genuinely apologize, and make it right.

Julie’s Message:


I remember back to the very beginning when Marc introduced the 40 Fundamentals to us. After describing what we would be doing with each Fundamental, he asked “What is your favorite one, and why?”   Right away, I knew what mine was; DO THE RIGHT THING, ALWAYS!   Now, after 3 runs through the Fundamentals, I was able to volunteer to write some comments about my favorite one!

When I read this Fundamental, Do the Right Thing, Always, my first thought is, “isn’t that obvious?” And going even further, if you live this Fundamental, doesn’t it help you live the rest of them? What may not be obvious is what ALL this really means. We may believe we would never lie, steal, cheat, etc., but we need to dig much deeper than that.

We need to all ask ourselves, do I bully? Gossip? Make excuses? Do I call in sick when I’m not? Do I report my hours and time off honestly and correctly? Do my customers trust and value my service to them? If I make a mistake, do I take ownership of that mistake and learn from it?

When we live by this Fundamental, our customers trust and value us. Our colleagues respect us. We can communicate openly, clearly and positively. We can take pride in each other and the company we work for. We remember that we have a responsibility to ourselves and others, and that what we do affects everyone.

We must say to ourselves I WILL do the right thing, and not because of the possible consequences. We must decide for ourselves if we value our integrity, and our morals. If we are consistent with these good behaviors, we can have a clear conscience and peace of mind with the knowledge that we have made the right decisions.

I’m sure most of us can quickly name a few fellow Associates who live by this Fundamental. They stand out and they work just as hard and faithfully whether they are being noticed or not. They can be counted on to give their best at all times and share the credit with their team.

We all can strive to be that person. We all deserve to feel confident and take pride in ourselves. And we can begin by DOING THE RIGHT THING, ALWAYS.

“With Integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide.” Zig Zigler