12. Go Above And Beyond.

Be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the job . . . plus a little bit more. Take the next step to solve the problem. Go the extra mile, even if it means doing something that’s not your specific role. It’s that extra effort that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Amber's Message:


Going above and beyond is what makes Famous Supply stand out from other distributors. Going the extra mile helps us all be a better person; it’s what sets us apart from everyone else.

This fundamental is what “we” at Famous Supply strive for day in and day out. We enjoy making each encounter memorable and each experience better than the next.

I am lucky enough to work at the Toledo Branch under Don Short, where everyone on our team goes above and beyond. Don will not accept any other behavior than above and beyond.

In Toledo, as a TEAM we handle our daily tasks and responsibilities together. When one area needs extra support, we as a team come together and go above and beyond. We make each other better in Toledo, the support we give one another helps us as a company be great.

Next time you are working with a customer or talking with an associate, take the time to go the extra mile. Above and beyond doesn’t have to be a task or chore, it could be as simple as asking someone “how are you doing today?”. Go above and beyond in all aspect of life and strive to do better every day! I can honestly say doing this will make you feel better as a person!

Amber Swartz
Regional Showroom Lead / Showroom Consultant