12. Go Above And Beyond.

Be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the job . . . plus a little bit more. Take the next step to solve the problem. Go the extra mile, even if it means doing something that’s not your specific role. It’s that extra effort that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Dave's Message:


In my over 37 years in the Plumbing and HVAC Distribution business, I’ve had the privilege to work around so many people who indeed went “above and beyond”. These folks made this activity look second nature and an everyday way of conducting their business.   I want to relate a story that happened to me recently.  Last month I had procured 23 various sized windows from our company.  I have sold toilets and tubs, and was not too familiar with windows.  My contractor put together a list of sizes which I relayed to Jeff Mason in customer service at Famous who put the order together and walked me step by step through the order process from start to finish. He also suggested some possible upgrades that I may need (and he was right).  He told me when my order would arrive and when the delivery could be arranged.  The flow of the materials was very smooth.  Then it came time for the delivery...I live in the woods at the end of a very long driveway.  The Famous drivers, Jim Moon and Tom Twyman, confirmed directions and timing for that days’ delivery.  Not knowing that I was a Famous associate until the end of the delivery, Tom guided Jim in backing his truck towards my garage for unloading and painstakingly not driving over my lawn.  He then asked me where I wanted the windows unloaded.  Tom and Jim then carefully unloaded the windows into my garage, putting cardboard between each and making sure the windows were in good shape.  Then realizing that I too was a Famous associate, he talked to me as if we were long lost friends who finally found each other.  As Jim and Tom drove off, it made me feel good that I am a Famous associate and that we are all fortunate enough to have drivers (teammates) like this separating themselves from other delivery people.  To me, this is the difference between being just “Good and being Great”!

I know that we have a lot of associates that perform their responsibilities with this same positive attitude. Thank you for letting me share this recent event with you. Thank you Jeff, Tom and Jim for reminding me that we do have the best people in the industry working with Famous.  And Thank You for going Above and Beyond!