12. Go Above And Beyond.

Be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the job . . . plus a little bit more. Take the next step to solve the problem. Go the extra mile, even if it means doing something that’s not your specific role. It’s that extra effort that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Mike's Message:


Going above and beyond is the difference between a good company and a Great company!

I bet all of you have had the experience of going above and beyond or at least knowing someone that has. I am lucky enough to have married a wonderful woman that goes above and beyond any chance she can. She is known as the “Crazy Loving Dog Lady”. Marla is her real name and she loves animals, especially dogs. She calls them her four legged furry kids. Marla has been rescuing these homeless, neglected, and abused dogs for about 10 years now. She would do anything to save them all but she knows that it would be impossible. She will sacrifice her needs and sometimes mine to give that one animal food, water, shelter, and healthcare that it needs. Marla has vowed to go above and beyond saving one dog at a time until the day she dies. I am very proud and honored to be married to the Crazy Loving Dog Lady who is an expert at going Above and Beyond!

I believe that all of our Famous Family members try to go above and beyond, day in and day out. Not only with our customers but with our associates and that is what makes Famous a GREAT company.