13. Have Each Others’ Backs.

No one’s perfect. Look for the best in each other and provide rigorous support, including honest and direct feedback. Be willing to step into another role or help another associate when that’s what’s required for success.

Betsy's Message:


I believe this fundamental is like a back bone in the journey to building relationships that last a lifetime. This is the fundamental I strive to fulfill daily, and look for in every aspect of my life. I do my best to have everyone’s back; from my marriage, kids, co-workers, friendships and even the places I do business with in my personal life!

The team that immediately comes to mind when I see this fundamental is the Multi-Family team. I’ve had the opportunity to watch this team work together firsthand. The nature of what they do can cause a large volume of work coming in at the same time, with deadlines, and limited hours to honor commitments. On one recent occasion, I noticed they all seemed to be feeling the work load. The team had a huddle, prioritized, worked to help each other out and kept it fun to get the job done. It was incredible to watch the stress melt off their faces as they realized they all had each other’s backs. Their work had not changed, yet the stress faded.

Now, think of a person in your life that has had your back. Have you ever forgotten that? How did you feel then? Who do you want and choose to give your time, money and business too? In business, does paying a few dollars less make it worth leaving? In such a competitive industry we need to remember this is a way we can stand out. It is a time to build that lasting relationship we strive for and really sets Famous apart from the rest.