13. Have Each Others’ Backs.

No one’s perfect. Look for the best in each other and provide rigorous support, including honest and direct feedback. Be willing to step into another role or help another associate when that’s what’s required for success.

Brian's Message:


The other day I received the unfortunate news that the spouse of an HCP associate was going through a rather serious health issue.  The associate told me that she would do her best to limit the amount of work she missed.  I let her know to take as much time as she needed to make sure she was there for her husband.  Between doctor’s appointments and lab work, she could have as much flexibility as she needed.

A few days later, HCP hosted our annual Holiday Party and understandably she wasn’t able to attend.  However, an associate that works for her pulled me aside.  She said, “Brian, I know my boss is going through a difficult situation, and I just wanted to let you know that it doesn’t matter how much time she misses, we will be able to get all of the work done.  Last year around this time we were short staffed and we got it all done and this year won’t be any different.”

This is exactly what being a family is about.  Life has its ups and downs and it’s moments like these that make our company different.  We genuinely care for each other and realize that we are part of something bigger than just “work.”  Not only does it prove that we have built a solid Team where everyone is cross-trained and able to step-up, it demonstrates that when you truly love and care for your fellow associates, you will do anything for them.

The fact that our associate will be able to spend the holidays with her family and not have additional stress about work is something that I hope she will cherish the rest of her life.  It makes me very proud to work at a company where we truly are a family where everyone has each other’s backs.