13. Have Each Others’ Backs.

No one’s perfect. Look for the best in each other and provide rigorous support, including honest and direct feedback. Be willing to step into another role or help another associate when that’s what’s required for success.

Bruce's Message:


Throughout my career at Famous, I have had the privilege of working in many facets of our organization, with a vast array of people. They may have not been perfect (after all nobody is), but most were always willing to lend a hand or an honest perspective to help you out. The one common thread I have witnessed in the most successful of those associates is a selfless effort to work together for success. In the wholesale distribution “game”, our supply chain is only as strong as our weakest link. It is imperative for our associates to help each other and “Have Each Others Backs”. Without that Trust and Teamwork, no organization can survive.  I have been fortunate to be involved with several teams and team members who have always been willing to step up and ensure team success.

I am thankful to Jerome Pecsko and Pam Phillips for their enthusiastic and generous support in our start-up Building Products Purchasing Team early in the central purchasing process. Their willingness to do anything and everything for the success of our group, and in turn, our organization was unmatched. We shared, discussed, and grew in our roles together. They were crucial to our early success.

When I served on our CDC inventory team, cycle counting at the distribution level posed several new challenges. Angie Johnson provided our group with unequalled service and support, as she still does for many of our associates, today.

Currently, I am blessed to be part of our Pricing Team. My fellow team members: Tammy Brothers, Heather Neubauer, and Bruce Neubauer, are always behind the team when it comes to serving our associates and assuring fair and market competitive pricing for our customers. Each member works selflessly to support the other.

I spoke earlier of one common thread of selfless support for each other from all our associates. When these threads of support are woven together for a common goal of success by our Famous Family, they become a tapestry, which we call our Famous Culture.

That’s the way I see it, and that’s the way I like it.