13. Have Each Others’ Backs.

No one’s perfect. Look for the best in each other and provide rigorous support, including honest and direct feedback. Be willing to step into another role or help another associate when that’s what’s required for success.

Tim's Message:


Life brings many twists to our work week. Some are expected, others unexpected, whether it is personal/family issues, illness or vacation time. Team members may be missing for a day, a week or even longer. What happens to meetings, projects and our customers when these situations arise? You would hope one of your teammates would be able to step in, assist and have your back, to help get your work accomplished. From time to time, we all have to count on our teammates to keep Famous Supply rolling in our absence.

“Have each other’s backs”, seems like a simple statement. But it requires the team to care, respect, communicate and, most of all, trust one another on a daily basis. Once a team masters this, unexpected absences become a small inconvenience.

This fundamental is one of the things that helps drive our success. It elevates a good team into a great team. In my seven years at Famous Supply I’ve worked with a lot of associates who embrace this fundamental. Cleveland West brothers Joe and Larry Puchajda Jr. stand out. Every day their first words are “where do you need me today?” Their first care is not their own agenda, but rather to the branch. Both have learned and excelled at many roles at Famous. They can run the warehouse, work the counter, inside sales or fill in as the “Admin”. Their abilities and desire to fill in where needed keeps our branch rolling. No matter what the issue is that day, they understand what it means to have each other’s backs.


Timothy Laird
Customer Service Manager