14. Be Humble.

Don’t let your own ego get in the way of doing what’s best for the team. Be open to learning from others, no matter what role they have, and regardless of their age, industry, experience, or years with the company. Everyone has something he/she can teach us, and everyone’s perspective has value.

Marc's Message:


About five years ago, we were hosting a leadership meeting for about 75 associates at our Famous University training room at our CDC in Sebring.  During my presentation, I vividly remember the slide where I asked the magic question Š “What is the #1 most important trait of a leader?”  Prior to that meeting I was reading a great article that asked that question, so I thought it was a terrific opportunity to ask our group what they thought.

We had amazing answers.  We were all brainstorming and must have written down 25+ attributes that were very connected to great leaders and great associates alike.  If I recall correctly (and it’s pretty ironic, because he exemplifies the word), Mike Palermo said Š HUMILITY!

I was so pleased that he believed being humble was the most important characteristic of a great leader.  To take it a step further today, in my humble opinion, I believe humility is the perfect character trait for any associate, not only at Famous, but for any human being in general.

In fact, this is so important, that during next month’s conference call, I plan to highlight (8) principles for being a more genuine and authentic person.  When I read the article I plan to share with you, I immediately thought about this week’s fundamental Š #14 Š “Be Humble”.  Then I thought about Mike Palermo, a man that is genuine, authentic, caring, honest, and so much more.

Our challenge is dynamic in nature, to work toward becoming even more humble, no matter where we are today.  What can we all do to display even more humility?