16. Practice Blameless Problem-Solving.

Apply your creativity and enthusiasm to developing solutions, rather than pointing fingers and dwelling on problems. Identify lessons learned and use those teachable/ learnable moments to improve our processes so we don’t make the same error again. Get smarter with every mistake. Learn from every experience.

Sherri's Message:


In our line of business, we often run into problems with some of the products we offer. When problems occur, it’s important we do our best to solve the issue rather than pointing fingers.

There are several people who practice this fundamental every day, and the two who live this fundamental the most that I believe is Mark Ham and Jeff Rosenblum. We are very fortunate to have both of them on our team. Most of the time they can help the customer identify the problem just by asking a few simple questions. Sometimes it gets a little more technical and may take phone calls to the manufacturer, a job site visit or collaboration on the issue. However, they always identify the problem and give our customers the solution they need.

Sherri Foster
Customer Service Manager/Famous Cleveland East