17. Deliver Results.

While we appreciate effort, we recognize, reward and celebrate results. Follow-up on everything and take responsibility to ensure tasks get completed. Set high goals, use measurements to track your progress, and hold yourself accountable for achieving those results. The scoreboard represents our true performance.

Dave's Message:


A few weeks ago I told my daughter Emily that she needed to clean her room before she could spend the night at a friend’s house. Emily didn’t pick up her room in time to leave, so I could not allow her to spend the night with her friend. In order to teach my daughter an important lesson, there had to be a consequence for her failure to produce a result. Emily and I had a conversation about the importance of taking responsibility, putting in effort and completing a task. We discussed that she was not only letting her herself down, but her friend as well. Even though I needed to deliver a negative consequence, our positive and productive interactions will ultimately lead to better results in the future.

At Famous, we sometimes have to have tough conversations with our fellow associates, customers and vendors. By focusing on delivering a positive result, we have the power to change the ultimate outcome of those conversations.

Henry Ford once said, “You cannot build a reputation on what you say you’re going to do”. We should all strive to be someone that those around us can count on. The best way to earn and keep that reputation is by having integrity and delivering results, especially when it’s difficult.

Have a great week my Famous Family,