19. Create A Great Impression.

Every communication, whether it’s face to face, a phone call, e-mail, letter, or even a voicemail, makes an impression. Pay attention to every interaction to make sure that you’re displaying a tone of friendliness, warmth, helpfulness, and authenticity. Be a pro in everything you do, including how you present yourself.

Kayli's Message:


Perception is everything. How you are perceived upon meeting someone for the first, or the 100th, time creates a feeling about you and what you represent in that person’s mind. Everything you do and say is a representation of you and organizations you’re involved with.

I was reminded of this recently. My parents are educators in the school district where I recently moved to. For the first time I was able to vote for my alumnus’ levy. While standing in line, someone approached me that I did not know. They asked if this happened all the time; that people know who I am, but I don’t know who they are. I answered, “Yes it does and I am always aware of how I conduct myself in the community because I know that I am representing my parents and am a reflection of them.”

I find myself forming opinions about organizations based on how their members act in my presence. One associate that comes to mind for being the best example of practicing this fundamental is Sheila Messner, our corporate receptionist. She always greets everyone who walks through our doors with a friendly smile, and a warm welcome. Sheila is often the first impression our associates, customers, vendors and guests have when they walk through our doors. She does a great job representing Famous and all of our 40 Fundamentals. I hope that everyone takes a minute to reflect on how your actions and attitude at work events, sales calls, counter days, etc. affect how our customers and vendors perceive Famous as a whole.

Kayli Bookman
Marketing Coordinator