19. Create A Great Impression.

Every communication, whether it’s face to face, a phone call, e-mail, letter, or even a voicemail, makes an impression. Pay attention to every interaction to make sure that you’re displaying a tone of friendliness, warmth, helpfulness, and authenticity. Be a pro in everything you do, including how you present yourself.

Marc's Message:


Every person we know or see has dozens and dozens of attributes and character traits.  Some are good, and maybe some are not as good.  When I thought more deeply about this fundamental, various things kept coming to the forefront about why some people create good impressions and why others make even stronger, special impressions that are not only long lasting, but sometimes last forever.

What do certain people do that is so fundamentally different and gets people to feel as if that moment they were helping you was their most important moment of the day to them?  What do they do specifically that moves people to action?  What is it about them that cause people to respond so positively?

I’m sure we all have our opinions about what you look for when you are on the receiving end of an interaction and an impression is taking place.  Sometimes they are favorable, sometimes not.  If I could capture the essence of a great impression, at least for me, in a sentence, I would say an individual who is genuinely nice and takes that extra moment to show you they care by taking an authentic interest in that person.”

It’s almost like the simple golden rule, but with a twist.  Instead of treating others like YOU want to be treated, how about treat them like THEY want to be treated.  I also believe that as technology drives human behavior and society in a direction of speed and efficiency over personal moments, the companies and associates at Famous who truly believe in the personal touch will be remembered for making a great impression.

As I pause and think about an individual that always seems to make a great impression, one person keeps coming to my mind Š Elio Andreatta.  Elio is a special person who is always putting other people before himself.  He is friendly and attentive.  He treats everyone with absolute dignity and respect.  He listens, he cares, and he’s authentic.

One old school trait that Elio delivers on a regular basis is the often overlooked and lost art of the handwritten note.  He’s a master of it.  And it’s not a perfunctory note.  It’s always personal and meaningful.  It takes Elio time and thought to do it right.  He does it not to make a great impression, although that is the result.  He does it for three simple reasons:

  1. He is a nice authentic person!
  2. He cares genuinely about others!
  3. He knows it’s the right thing to do!

We can all learn from Elio and others like him.

Thanks for reading and thinking about how we / you can make even more better, meaningful and long lasting great impressions!