2. Execute The Perfect Order.

Provide an exceptional customer experience by striving for perfection every time, all the time. Be relentless about every detail up and down the supply chain. Demonstrate a passion for excellence. Always ask yourself, “Is this my best work?” The goal is to get things right, not simply just to get them done. Accuracy is always the priority over speed.

Bruce's Message:


Several years ago I was speaking with a group of new Associates about the Perfect Order. One of them said that she thought it was a great thing for our customers, but since she was an admin and not in sales or warehousing, the Perfect Order did not apply to her.

I asked her if she answered the phones, she said yes. I then asked if she transferred the call to the wrong person would that be a good experience for the customer? She said no.

Often we think that the Perfect Order is sales entering the correct product on an order and the warehouse picking and delivering it accurately. The Perfect Order touches every one of us.  Think of it this way: HR needs to hire the right people. IT needs to make sure everyone is connected. Our online ordering database needs to be easy to navigate. Marketing needs to help create interest and awareness for our products and services. Outside sales needs to follow-up on leads. Admins need to get calls to the right people. Inside sales needs to process and manage/schedule orders effectively. Purchasing needs to ensure the products our customers need are available where and when they need them, at competitive prices. Warehousing needs to be accurate and damage free, so our drivers can deliver what the customers ordered in good condition. A/P needs to pay our vendors, and A/R needs to collect from our customers. Warranties need to be processed correctly. Accounting needs to make sure everything has been “accounted” for. I could go on and on…

When each and every one of us does our task to make the whole process work, we will without fail always deliver the Perfect Order.

I’m sorry if I missed anyone but I can assure you that whatever your role is, it contributes to the Perfect Order. Every Associate at Famous is part of the Perfect Order and is needed to make sure that every order we process is Perfect. We can’t do it alone; it takes the entire Team to make it work. If a customer knows that every time they place an order with us they will receive it exactly as they want, we will probably be their preferred supplier.  It’s not about being the cheapest; it’s all about being the BEST!