2. Execute The Perfect Order.

Provide an exceptional customer experience by striving for perfection every time, all the time. Be relentless about every detail up and down the supply chain. Demonstrate a passion for excellence. Always ask yourself, “Is this my best work?” The goal is to get things right, not simply just to get them done. Accuracy is always the priority over speed.

Don's Message:


“I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.” Mia Hamm

There’s no way that we could effectively execute perfect orders without TEAMWORK.

Everyone in this company has seen what happens when we “Do Not” execute the perfect order. There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a call from an upset customer that has not had their order fulfilled to their expectations. Likewise, we all know the satisfaction from a happy customer who is thankful for all we do to keep their projects running smoothly when we do Execute the Perfect Order.

Before starting my career at Famous, I owned and operated my own construction company. I would like to share a contractor’s perspective for what it feels like when a supplier fails.

Countless projects that I did would be quoted against my competition. I always made sure every single penny would be accounted for on my bids. The one thing that seemed to cause the most stress was waiting to find out which supplier the general contractor was going to choose. This decision would ultimately make or break the project. Some companies were notorious for sending the wrong material, damaged product or failing with timed deliveries. Every project has a schedule and it is imperative to stay on that schedule to be profitable.

ACCURACY is always the priority over speed. It’s that simple!

At the Northwest Ohio Expo this past March, I was proud when the Executive Leadership Team, six District Sales Managers, Famous Associates and customers commented that the Toledo branch is thriving, and how “on it” every associate is in their role. I am so proud and I would like to send a personal shout out to the entire Toledo Branch Team…. I want you all to know that we are the TRUE definition of the word “TEAM”. Fundamental number 2 is about execution, perfection, being relentless, and most of all ACCURACY…..these words describe you all.

Thank You!