2. Execute The Perfect Order.

Provide an exceptional customer experience by striving for perfection every time, all the time. Be relentless about every detail up and down the supply chain. Demonstrate a passion for excellence. Always ask yourself, “Is this my best work?” The goal is to get things right, not simply just to get them done. Accuracy is always the priority over speed.

John’s Message:


I have been in the Wholesale Distribution business for over 40 years. I have spent 38 of those with Famous Enterprises. I guess you can say I am a veteran of the industry. From my experience, I can tell you that most wholesalers will tell their customers they have the best customer service. I bet we have associates today saying that to potential or existing customers. Is that possible? Can we ALL be the BEST? I believe what a Distributor says vs. their execution (what they actually do) is the difference.

When was the last time you had a memorable experience where you spent your hard earned money? I would bet it doesn’t happen very often. Isn’t that sad? The next time you go out to eat, really observe the service that is provided. From the hostess that seats you, to the busboy that prepared your table, to the server who takes your order, the food that is prepared by the chef, the server who delivers the beverage, food, and dessert (gotta have dessert), to the person who closes your experience with your payment. If any of these associates from the restaurant fail in meeting your expectations what would be your experience?  Ask yourself if they only would have (fill in the blank), it would have been great.

Aren’t our customers looking for a positive and memorable experience as well? Don’t we want to provide perfection to our customers? From how we answer the phone, take care of their specific needs at the counter, inside sales, outside sales, will call, warehouse, delivery, and accounts receivable. If any one of the areas that touch the customer fails in delivering perfection, what is the perception of Famous to that customer? Execution of the perfect order can build a customer for life. Customers are much more likely to award Famous their business given the service provided meets their expectations.  

I am proud of our company and all of our associates. It is all of our responsibilities to provide the Perfect Order from start to finish for the Perfect customer experience. Please continue to keep focused on our customers and give them a reason to be loyal to us. Our customers have a choice. Let us make it an easy one!