20. Be A Mentor.

Take responsibility, both formally and informally, to coach, guide, teach, and mentor others. The best way to influence others is through your own example. Walk the talk.

Matt's Message:


I have been fortunate enough to be with Famous for over 7 years. Looking back at my time here, one thing becomes obvious. If it was not for the continuous mentoring that I have received, I would not be where I am today.

The beginning of my career here had me pulling orders, learning to write orders inside, and working the counter with the crew at Cleveland West. Bob Russ is someone who took me under his wing. He not only made me feel welcome, but he and the rest of the team took the time to teach me every step of the way to ensure my, and Famous’, future success. After my time there I was on the road learning what to do and, sometimes more importantly, what not to do, with Joe Ruby, Mike Scott, and Sherri Foster. Once I was out calling on customers by myself, I ran into some roadblocks. Tom Krejci swooped in out of nowhere and helped me break through those obstacles. As I have continued with Famous, I have found opportunities to mentor others the way I have been since day one at Famous.

Growing up, my father instilled in me the idea of a successful mentor/mentee relationship. We rely on these relationships to help us grow and help others to reach their potential. Mentoring is not teaching someone else what to do. It’s a partnership between two individuals. When someone is giving of their time and talent, it’s your job to be respectful and receptive. No one can teach if no one is willing to learn. I encourage everyone, every day to not only be a mentor, but be a quality mentee as well.

Matt Penn
Outside Sales/Famous Bedford