21. Communicate To Be Understood.

Know your audience. Write and speak in a way that they can understand. Be brief, accurate, and clear. Use the simplest possible explanations.

Marc's Message:


How important is it to create mutual understanding when communicating with others?  I hope you believe it’s a major priority; I know I do.  I also know that I can personally improve in both of these areas.  I have a tendency to sometimes get so excited about a conversation that I’m already thinking ahead to what I want to say / how I want to respond.  Unfortunately, this bad habit distracts me from the two-way communication.  It would be better if I slowed down a bit, and were more patient.  I also believe I can improve by saying less and being more succinct with the thoughts I do want to convey.  So if we are ever talking and you see me slipping into my (hopefully old) communication pattern, please give me a reminder to slow down, listen more intently, or ask for clarification if my communication is unclear.

When I think of Famous associates who do a terrific job both listening and conveying their message with clarity and few wasted words, I think of Kirk Allen and Melanie Staats.

Both Kirk and Melanie only respond when it adds to the conversation, and when they do communicate, it is always clear and concise.  They are likeable individuals who have a knack for being direct, but never offensive.

Interestingly, they both have tremendous industry experience.  I believe this knowledge serves them both very well, because they understand our business and communicate appropriately because what they say makes good sense.

Let’s all focus more intently like Melanie and Kirk, and communicate with purpose, simplicity, and conviction!