22. “Bring It” Every Day.

Everyone is needed and everyone’s important. Be present and be fully engaged. Make the most of each moment by approaching every task with energy, focus, purpose, and enthusiasm. Be all in.

Pete's Message:


Chuck “Chico” Kyle has been the head football coach at St. Ignatius High School since 1983. In that time St. Ignatius has won a state record 11 state championships, 3 national championships, and Coach Kyle was named national coach of the year in 1989 and 1993. Coach Kyle is the definition of “All In” in everything he does in the classroom, on the field and with his family.

I had the honor of playing for him while at St. Ignatius when he was the defensive coordinator, and after graduate school I returned to Cleveland and became a member of his coaching staff from 1991 to 1996. When I read this fundamental I thought of Coach Kyle as he embodies every element of this fundamental from being present and fully engaged to making the most of each moment on and off the field due to his tremendous energy, focus, purpose and enthusiasm. He is all in and he motivates his team and fellow coaches to Bring it Every Down and Every Day.

Since 1983 at the end of every practice Coach Kyle gathers the team and coaches together at mid field and he reflects on the day’s work, discusses upcoming practices, future opponents, and other important topics and then ends the practice with a tradition he calls “Ten Seconds.” This tradition is literally Ten Seconds of silent thought amongst the team and coaches to reflect on whether you made the most of each minute in practice and to determine what you might do different or better tomorrow. I think it is a great example of how to be present and fully engaged in quiet reflection so that you can make the most of each moment in the days ahead.

At the end of your day at Famous I would encourage you to take “Ten Seconds” and reflect on the day and what you might accomplish tomorrow. Did you make the most of each moment that day? Did you approach every task with energy and focus? What might you do differently tomorrow?

I truly believe the “Ten Seconds” will help us be all in.