23. Think And Act Like An Owner.

We share in our success. Make decisions by reminding yourself, “This is my company and my own money.” Think globally about Famous Enterprises, not just about you, your department, your branch, district, or group. Ask yourself, “Will this help all of us succeed?”

Ed's Message:


When the fundamentals were rolled out, I went through all of them and thought about which ones I did well at, and then which ones I needed to improve upon. At first glance I really thought I did this one well.

“This is my company and my own money”. When I think about it this way, I am very protective of Famous Supply and our assets.

But one of the other groups thought about it differently and changed my perspective on this Fundamental. I have a tendency to think of it in terms of dollars and cents, not in terms of behaviors. They thought of it in terms of actions, and what it means to truly behave like an owner. When I reconsidered it in this manner, I actually changed my opinion. I was thinking and acting like an accountant (not that there is anything wrong with that) and perhaps not thinking and acting as an owner.

If this company was “(Your Name) Supply”, would you behave differently? I have to confess that I probably would. So why?

Reflecting on this makes me realize that I probably should behave better, more like an owner, than just an associate.

That leads to the question of how should we behave? Fortunately, our ownership has given us 40 Fundamentals of how they would like us to.