23. Think And Act Like An Owner.

We share in our success. Make decisions by reminding yourself, “This is my company and my own money.” Think globally about Famous Enterprises, not just about you, your department, your branch, district, or group. Ask yourself, “Will this help all of us succeed?”

John's Message:


I can think of no better way to make work more meaningful and rewarding than to encourage all associates to “Think and Act Like an Owner”. How great of a company could we become if all associates would ask themselves “What would I do if it were my company? Or “What would I do if it were my money on the line?” before a decision was made? The great thing about this is that we are encouraged and empowered to do so! When associates are empowered to “Think and Act Like an Owner”, they become more engaged and productive. When these two things come together, enthusiasm thrives and business flourishes. After all, it is much more enjoyable to come to work knowing that you are empowered to make decisions as an owner would. This gives us a greater opportunity to create a memorable customer experience.

I started working at Famous almost 7 years ago. During my first week we had a situation with a new, relatively smaller customer that had purchased a hot water tank at the branch. Shortly after picking it up, he called from the jobsite saying he ordered the wrong one. This customer now wanted us to bring him the replacement and return the other one. I told him there would be a delivery charge of $35 for this since it was under our threshold of $350.00 for free delivery. During the conversation, I was fighting my instinct to deliver without the fee, but I wasn’t sure if it would be ok to go against the “policy” since I was new on the job. The customer got very angry and hung up on me. Tim Sloan happened to be in my branch that day and I told him what happened. Tim looked at me and said, “Now what do you think Marc Blaushild would do?” That was exactly the answer I was looking for. We immediately contacted the customer, then promptly delivered the tank to help the customer with his situation. The customer was very happy that day and has been loyal to Famous ever since. Tim’s answer that day, showed me this was exactly the company I was looking for. I was encouraged and empowered to “Think and Act Like an Owner”!

John Brock
Customer Service Manager / Famous Ashtabula