24. Embrace Change.

What got us here is not always the same as what will take us to the next level. Be inspired by the opportunities that change brings, rather than stubbornly holding on to the old ways of doing things. Be flexible and open to new approaches, whether it’s technology or a new process to improve efficiency.

Brian's Message:


Just when you start to get used to doing the same thing every day, life will always throw you a changeup. Change is not always as welcome as trading your fold up map in the glove box for a handy little smart phone. How we respond and adapt is what sets us apart from others in life and business.

Think of change as it relates to your favorite sports team. Each year fans eagerly look forward to embracing new changes with players and coaching in hopes of having a team that can contend for a championship. The best teams look back at what they’ve done and develop new strategies and rosters in order to move forward towards the goal of winning a championship.

Famous Supply has been in the distribution business since 1933 selling countless different brands and delighting customers with our service. In recent years we’ve changed things up by offering our own Private Label products. This came about by changes in the market as our competition developed their own Private Label goods. Customers consistently demand more value to stay competitive in a changing industry. We embraced the request by sourcing high quality products that our customers love. This initiative has greatly benefitted Famous by allowing us to be more competitive when we sell these quality products, giving our customers a new choice of product that meets their needs.  

We don’t always have this kind of control when it comes to change but we do have control of the attitude we express when change is present. Look for the positive outcomes and remember that it takes time to do anything worth accomplishing.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” –Henry Ford

Brian Burrer
Business Development Manager/National Accounts