27. Share The Why.

Before others can understand what to do or how to do it, they must first understand why. Explain the big picture. The more people understand the reason for what we’re doing, the more actively they can participate in the solution.

Chad's Message:


I believe that sharing the why is a vital component to any business. Think to yourself for a moment if there was a specific task you had to perform. In the first example you are preforming a task just because you were told to do it. In the 2nd example you are told to perform a task and then explained how what you are doing affects other departments, other job functions, and in turn, the customer. Which one are you going to be inclined to give extra effort? Which way is going to be more successful? Which way will allow you to think of a different, better way the goal could be achieved? All of us here at Famous want to help our customers every day and give them the best experience possible. When we “Share the Why” we empower each other to perform better and deliver better results.

Simon Sinek, author of “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”, has a very interesting view. People are engaged and motivated by WHY WE DO THINGS more than WHAT WE DO. Most people want to do the right thing and to the best of their ability. When we share the why with them we give them a personal connection with what they do and how it affects the big picture. This “big picture” approach not only gives better results but may allow them to come up with improvements that can benefit everyone.

Someone at Famous that I consider great at practicing this is Bruce Raff. Any time you speak to Bruce about a question you have, not only does he help you with it but he explains why you are doing it. He walks you through how what you are doing affects others in our Supply Chain. He not only gives you the answer or shows you the procedure but he gets you to “buy in” and understand why you are doing it.

Throughout our day-to-day lives, whether it be at work or at home, the next time you need something done, take a moment and think why we are doing it and how will it affect others. Then take this “Why” and share it with the individual you need the assistance from. Not only will you make them happier that they know the reasoning and are part of the process but I assure you that you will end up with a far better outcome.